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Default Compensation Policy

When adding a compensation policy for an employee you have the choice of adding the policy for a specific department or for All departments. Adding a pay rate to All departments creates a default compensation policy for that person.  This pay rate will apply to all departments they are assigned to unless there is a specific policy for that department.

For example:

Jane works in three departments: Sales, Administration and Customer Support.  Jane's main responsibilities are in the Customer Support area so that is her home department.  Jane gets paid by the hour. She gets paid $15/hr in all three positions. When adding the compensation policy for Jane you can select  All from the department dropdown and set her rate to $15.  This rate will now apply to all three departments.

If Jane gets a raise you can update the rate to her new rate and it will apply to all three departments.

If Jane's main responsibilities change in the future and you decide to move her home department to Sales you will not need to make any changes to her compensation policy as the default compensation policy is not tied to her home department.

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