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Employee Pay Rate History

What: Track changes that have been made to an employee's pay rate.

Base Report: Employee History


1. Date Selector

  • Enter the date range you wish to see data from.
  • For a complete history, enter the employee's hire date in the Start Date field and the current date in theEnd Date field.
  • Click Submit.


2. Layout

  • Click Layout to hide columns which we are not needed in this report.
  • Uncheck the following columns:
    • Department Code
    • Status
    • Classification
    • Contracted Hours
  • Click OK.


3. Filter

  • Click Filter so we can isolate the Event we want to see.
  • Use the following settings:
    • Filter ColumnEvent
    • Comparison: =
    • Value: Compensation
  • Click Add.

  • If you only want to see this report for a particular employee, we can add another Filter.
  • Use the following settings to isolate an employee:
    • Filter Column: Name
    • Comparison: =
    • Value: Last Name, First Name
  • Click Add.

  • Note that when using the = operator for the Comparison field, the value entered must exactly match (both spelling and format) the criteria you are looking for.


4. Saving
  • Scroll down below your table.
  • If this report is to be viewed by only the report creator, check off Private Report.
  • Click Save As.
  • Enter the desired report name in the Custom Report Name field.
  • Click Add a Bookmark.

  • Your report is now saved. Next time you go under the Reports tab of the main menu, your report will appear in the report listing table.

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