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Prepare and Review

As you approach the end of the year it is important to review your account to ensure that nothing is missing.  Many problems are easier to fix if they are found before the year has ended.

a) Review Payroll and Employee information

Before you close your pay year, ensure that all earnings and/or all taxable benefits have been added to the employee history.  This might require an ad hoc run to pay out final amounts for the year or an adjustment run to add in manual amounts paid outside of the system.  If it should be on T4s, then it makes the process easier if is is in the system before the year is closed. (Items like Box 34 amounts may not be available this early, those can still be added later in the T4 process)

Check your employee information. Ensure that all SIN numbers, names and/or addresses are up to date.


b) Pensionable and Insurable Earnings Review (PIER)

Ensure the correct amount of CPP and EI deductions were deducted for the gross earnings reported. There is a report in the system called a PIER report that can help with this. This is the same review that CRA will do when you file your T4s.  Shortages of CPP and EI will result in a discrepancy notice and may incur penalties or interest. If you run the PIER report and find that some employees are short on CPP or EI, these amounts should be added to the final pay run of the year.

How to Read the PIER Report 


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