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Year to Date Gross Taxable and Hours Amounts

Part A – Setting up the report

If this report has already been set up, you can go on to Part B – Running the Report.

After logging in, click on “Reports” on the top left of your screen, then “Custom Reports”. Under the Payroll Reports heading, select “Employee Accruals Balance” which will open in a new tab/window.

Select the year you need totals for, and keep the default selections to “all” except for “Accrual Policy”. Change the Accrual Policy to “YTD Gross Taxable Amount”, then click “Submit”.



The information will then populate onto the page which we can have added up using the “Aggregate” feature. Click on the “Aggregate” button, choose “Balance” for the Data Column, “Sum” for the Aggregate Function, then click on “Add”.



The total Gross Taxable Amount is now listed on the far right side. At this point, save the report which will keep all the edits you made. The “Save As” button is just above where you did the Aggregate Function. You can choose any name for the report, and it will be saved on the Reports tab under “Saved Reports”. Double check that there are no employees listed on the report that should not be included. If there are, you can either subtract their amount from the total, or export the report to Excel and remove anyone there and have excel recalculate the totals.

Part B – Running the report

After the report has been saved you can access it at any time. It will be found under the “Reports” section after logging in, under “Saved Reports”. Click on the report name, select the year you want to run the report for and click “Submit”. The totals will be listed on the far right hand side of the report.

Now that you have the Gross Taxable Amount for the year, you may need the total Hours. You can actually use the same report set up, but just change the Accrual Policy name to get the other information you’re looking for.

Under “Accrual Policy” at the top of the screen, change “YTD Gross Taxable Amount” to “YTD Insurable Hours” then hit “Submit”. The total hours will be on the far right hand side of the report.ytdreport4.png

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