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Custom Reports Section

Listed below is an explanation of all the reports in the "Custom Reports" section of Everest.


Employee Reports  
Daily Pay Shows daily pay information. Can be filtered by date range, employee, department and pay code
Employee Contact Points Shows emails, phone numbers and addresses for employees
Employee Details Shows Status, Classification, contracted hours, SIN, Birthdate, home department, work province, TD1 amounts and RP account
Employee Financial Shows employee banking information
Employee History Shows changes to an employees status or compensation policy
Employee Record of Employment History Shows employee statuses and the status of any ROEs in the system
Employee Tax and Compensation Shows all info related to taxes and compensation including rate of pay, additional taxes, TD 1 amounts and last date paid.
Organization Reports  
Organization Rate Plan Shows the charges for each type of service
Payroll Reports  
Disbursements Shows all payments made, the type of payment, how they were made and the date they were made
Employee Accruals Balance Shows the current balance in an employee's accrual policy. It is not broken down by pay run. Can be filtered by employee, accrual policy, or department.
Employee Accruals by Pay Run Shows the changes in an employees accrual balance for each pay run. You can specify a specific pay run or a date range as well as filtering by department, employee and accrual policy
Employee Accruals Journal Tracks all changes to an employees accrual policy. Even those made outside of a pay run. It also shows the comments entered in when manual changes are made.
Employee Vacation Accruals Balance Shows every accrual policy related to vacation.
Gross Taxable Earnings and Benefits - HET Used for Health and Education Tax levy. 
Invoice Details Shows a breakdown of all invoice charges for a given date range
Ontario Statutory Pay Used by Ontario customers for calculating stat pay
Pay Runs Shows all PIs and amounts for each employee for a given pay run
Remittances Shows all remittances for a given date range
Workers Compensation Board Assessment Calculates WCB amounts if a rate has been provided for your organization.

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