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How Do I Add A Shift In Time Approval?

So Johnny worked a shift he wasn't scheduled for? Don't worry, here's how you do it. 

1. Click the Add Button


2. A New row should appear. Use the drop down button under the column titled Employee to choose the employee. Click the blank space under the Date column to open a calendar. Pick the date of the shift out of that calendar.


3. Click the blank spaces under the column titled Scheduled Start Schedule End to type in the scheduled start and end time of the shift in that order. Click the blank spaces under the column titled Approved Start Approved End to type in the start and end time of when the employee should get paid. 


4. If this is a covered shift you can use the drop down button under Attendance Reason to change it to a covered shift. The blank immediately below this can be used to record why the shift was created. 


There the new shift is created!


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