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What Should I Do If An Employee Was On Vacation Or In Training? (Time Approval)

Usually training and vacation are things that are recorded in the original schedule. But don't worry we can do it here too! This is a bit more of an in depth task so feel free to call the Alpine Crew if you're confused. 


1. Find the employee and the shift. Check to make sure the vacation isn't already recorded in the system. 

Let's say both Sunny Day and Jay Peterman were on vacation. As we can see Sunny has a number under her Pay Code allocation column and a little umbrella which means the system already knows she was on vacation. However Jay has Oh and 0m under his Pay Code column so we will need to add his vacation! 


2. Click the underlined text under the Pay Code Allocation column. 


3. The screen below should appear after some loading. Press the Add button.


4. A chart will appear. Depending on whether you want to account for time off or not check or uncheck the box under the Time Off column. (For instance Vacation is time off while Training is not!) 


5. Click the drop down button under the Pay Code column and choose the right kind of hours (In this case Vacation) and click into the blank under the column Allocation to select how many hours were under that category. 


6. Once you're done that click OK.


And... You're all done! 


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