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How Do I Make Changes If An Employee Was Sick Or In Training? (Changing Pay Codes)

In general its best to make changes like this in Time Approval. However it is possible to make changes in Daily Pay.

1. Find the department that the shift that needs editing is from. Click the '+' button to the left of the department name.

2. Double-Click the day you wish to view/edit. 

4.  A new window will open. Find the shift you wish to edit. Click the checkbox in that shift under the column Manual Override.

5. Press the '+' sign to the left of the employee's name. 

6. A list of the current pay codes being used in the shift will appear. If you need to add a new one double click the row that says Please click here to add a new row

7. Click the space under the word Pay Code and you can use a drop down menu to choose whether you want to add sick hours, training hours (pay codes). In the space just to the right of that double click and enter how many hours you want set to the pay code you choose. 

8. Click on white space on the screen. 

9. A window will appear. Press the OK button in the new window. 

10. Press the '+' button to the left of the employee name again.  

11. Adjust the hours of other pay codes so that all the hours add up to the amount of hours worked by the employee.

If you don't make these edits the system will give the employee more work hours than they may have worked. 

12. Find the ReCalc button at the top of the page. Click it. 

That should do it - your paycode should now be applied. 

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