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Why Did The Shift I Approved Disappear?

So you approved a shift pressed save and then POOF! The shift is gone. What's up with that? Well likely you have a filter on that won't let you see approved shifts. Here's how you find that shift. If you want to know more about manipulating filters and finding particular shifts click here.

1. On the left of the screen you'll see a menu titled Filters. Click the link that says Unapproved and All Match Statuses. This is the Shift Status Filter.


2. A new window will appear. In the left box click the word that says Approved. Then click the arrow pointing to the right. Finally click the Save button. 


3. Now you should see all the shifts you have approved including the ones that disappeared. If you don't want to have shifts disappear anymore you can leave the filters as they are. 



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