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Setting Up HR - Adding Categories and Types

This article covers administering the type of information you wish to track in an employee's profile such as education, training, and internal documents. 


To use the administrative functions you must have access to the Organization Details section and have the HR: Configuration security feature under the Roles for your user ID,  Contact the Includables if you require access.



Accessing HR Setup Pages

Creating Categories and Types

Date Fields for Types

Confidentiality Settings

Sample Employee Record Display



From the Organization Details section, choose the HRBeta tab


Creating Categories and Types

You can create customized categories and types as needed and set the specific details for each.

Choose Create new category for a new parent grouping, and you can set the priority which will control the display order in the employee profile view.  Categories with the same priority will be sorted alphabetically.

Once create it must be set to enabled to be used.  You can disable a category if it no longer applies to your organization.




Types within a category represent the specific records that need to be tracked.  You can choose which types data fields are needed such as expiry date and whether or not file attachments are allowed.  Each type can have up to (15) five attachments, up to 5 Mb each,  per employee record.




Date Fields

  • Date Taken: the date the training, certificate, or document was taken or entered
  • Due Date: internal due date for reporting purposes
  • Expiry Date: expiry date for items that require renewal such as a driver's licence or first aid certificate
  • Notification Date: date, typically set before the expiry, that a notification email should be delivered

Confidentiality Settings

  •  The No Confidential Access Required button can be toggled on to mark a Category or Type as Confidential Access Required.
  • If a Category is marked as Confidential Access Required, a user will require additional security permissions to view, edit, or report on all types and records within this category.
  • If a Type is marked as Confidential Access Required but not the category, a user will require additional security permissions to view, edit, or report on all the records within this type.
  • At this time, individual records cannot be marked as Confidential Access Required.



Employee Record Display

In the employee profile, the categories and types will displayed as shown below with expiry dates if applicable.



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