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CRA Remittances Report

You can use the CRA Remittances report to review the balance amount to be entered in Box 82 for your T4s, or for a general review of remittances made toe CRA by our team.


Note that this report does not include any remittances made outside of payroll, previous credits, or balances owing that you may have. The report only details remittances we have made on your behalf.


  1. Go to Reports > Base Reports > click CRA Remittances under the Payroll Reports heading

  2. The report will open in a new tab. Select the year in question in the Range Filter.

  3. Click Submit.

  4. The report will load with a row for each pay run completed, date the remittance was made and the amounts remitted.

    The column of interest is the Total Remittance column. 

  5. To summarize the total for the year, click the Aggregate button and set the following:
    Data Column: Total Remittance
    Aggregate Function: Sum
    Click Add

    The sum noted on the column is what you will enter in Box 82.




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