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Example: Employee Pay Rate History

This tutorial takes you through running of an Employee Pay Rate History report using the base custom report titled: Employee History. This report will track the changes made to an employee's pay rate. This tutorial starts from within the reports selection page. If you do not know how to get there see the tutorial on Creating a Custom Report.

Note that pay rate history can also be accessed form the Employee History module if your user id has access to that page.

1. press the tab titled Employee History.

2. Enter the date range you wish to see data from. If you want to see the date for one particular employee choose that employee from the drop down menu, otherwise leave the menu on All. Click Submit. 



3. Press the submit button with the selected employee being All. Now the report will take a few moments to load. Once it is loaded press the button titled Layout to hide columns which are not needed in this report. Uncheck the columns listed below, then click OK.

Columns to check:

  • Common Name
  • Employee Code
  • Default Position
  • Department Name
  • Policy Type
  • Pay Rate
  • Pay Rate Classification
  • Reason
  • Changed by user id


4. Now we want to isolate the Event we want to see. To do this Click Filter. Then use the settings: Filter Column: Event, Comparison: =, and Value: Compensation. When this is done click Add. 

Note that when using the = operator for the Comparison field, the value entered must exactly match (both spelling and format) the criteria you are looking for


5. To export the data to PDF Excel or CSV files press the respective button above the table.

6. Scroll down below your table. To save your report click the Save As button. The system will prompt you for a name. If this report is to be viewed by only the report creator check off Private Report. 



Your report is now saved. Next time you go under the Reports tab of the main menu, your report will appear in the report listing table.

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