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Change Employee Status

Employees cannot be deleted.  Once they have pay history, their information needs to remain in the system for year end and reporting purposes. When an active employees employment status changes you will need to update their employee profile in the system.  Changing an employees status in the system provides several benefits:

  • Inactive employees will not appear on the input sheet making your input sheet smaller and preventing the risk of paying someone in error
  • Reports will accurately reflect which employees are active or inactive.
  • Prevent overlapping records of employment.

To change employment status:

  1. Find the employee whose status needs to change either by using the find box at the top of each screen or by going to the Employees tab.  (If you are looking for an inactive employee on the Employees tab you will need to clear the Employment Status filter as this list only shows active employees by default.)
  2. Once you have found the employee, you will need to go to the Compensation tab in their profile.
  3. On the compensation tab you can see all past changes to employment status with an option to change their employment status.

  4. Select Change Employment status. A new dialog will open where you can select from various employment status options.  You will also need to enter an effective date and a reason.

  5. Once you have saved the status change You will see the new status listed in the employment status section.  If the employee has a status of Active or On Leave - Paid they will appear on the input sheet. Employees with any other status will not appear on the input sheet.

    NOTE: The status of Terminated does not mean the employee was fired.  It applies to any situation (quit, layoff, dismissal etc) where the employees employment has ended.  The Reason for Modification section can be used to provide clarification for your records and the ROE is where you would select a specific reason for the purposes of employment insurance claims.











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