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How is Daylight Savings handled in the system?

For organizations using Daily Approval, you can configure the system to behave according to your handling rules for the shift in times during both spring and the fall daylight savings.


To review or update your organization's daylight savings handling rules:



1. Open the user menu by clicking the upside down triangle to the right of your name.

2. Click on Organization Details.
**Note: You must have an admin role to see this menu item. If you do not see this item, please refer to your organization admin or contact our support team.

3. Click on the T&A tab.




4. Under the Time Zone section, you will see the following:

Default Time Zone: this drop down should be set to your standard time zone.
For example, if you are in Winnipeg, it should be set to UTC-6:00 Central Time (US&Canada).


Daylight Savings Time Behaviour:

  • Remove one hour in the spring - check this on if you want to automatically remove an hour from shifts that span the 2 am - 3am time range during spring daylight savings
    • After saving, there is no additional step required to automate this setting.

  • Add one hour in the fall checkbox - check this on if you want to add the extra hour to shifts that span the 2 am - 3 am time range during fall daylight savings
    • After saving, please contact our support team to verify that this rule is applied to the correct pay classes.

Note: If you would like to handle these time shifts manually, leave the boxes unchecked.


5. After selecting your options, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.


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