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Pay Accrued Vacation

Employees who accrue vacation in a dollar amount (Vacation Pay Earned (Accrued)) can be paid in two ways:

Vacation Pay Taken (Hourly/Salary): the employee is going on vacation and taking paid time off.

Vacation Pay Paid: the employee is not going on vacation, but getting some, or all, of their vacation dollars paid out.

If you don’t see the payroll instruction on the input sheet, click Add Payroll Instructions which will open a small window. Select the payroll instruction(s) you need from the left hand column: Vacation Pay Taken (Hourly)Vacation Pay Taken (Salary) and/or Vacation Pay Paid. Move it to the assigned section on the right, and click Add.

The payroll instruction(s) will be added on to the input sheet and be available for use when opened again.

Enter the number of hours of vacation taken for Vacation Pay Taken (Hourly and Salary). If the person is paid by salary, be sure to reduce their salary hours by the amount of hours of vacation taken as shown below.

Vacation Pay Paid can either have a dollar amount entered, or the check box can be selected to pay out the entire accrual amount.


In the example above: the first employee took one week of vacation; the second employee took one day off, but is also having $200 of their vacation paid out; and the third employee has requested all of their vacation to be paid out.


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