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Employee Payroll History Report

What: View employee's pay history in a crosstab - where each row represents a different pay run (and even department) and each payroll instruction has it's own column.

Base Report: Employee Payroll History

Note: The Employee Payroll History report can be launched either from your main Reports tab, or via the employee profile Reports tab.

1. Prefilter

  • Date
    • Choose Pay Run radio button to select a specific pay run from the drop down menu.
    • Choose Date Range to enter a Start Date and End Date. Data from all pay dates that fall within your date range will be returned.


  • Employee
    • Select the employee from the drop down.
    • Note: If you are launching this report from the employee profile - this pre filter will not populate.


  • Click Submit


2. Reading and Manipulating the Crosstab

Sort Order

  • The crosstab will default to displaying the data by pay date in ascending order. 
    • Click on the column header Pay Date or Pay Number to toggle between ascending or descending sort order.

Row Data

  • Each row in the crosstab represents a pay date where the employee received wages.
  • If the employee worked in multiple departments, there will be a row for the individual departments.
  • Note: If the input sheet is In Progress for a pay date within your date range, a row for this pay date will appear in your report. Most columns in this row should be empty as the calculations have not been processed.

Column Data

  • Each column represents a payroll instruction that has been used by the employee within the date range given.
  • (E)(B) and (D) will appear under the heading of custom made payroll instructions (i.e. Bonus or RRSP). These indicate whether that item is an earningbenefit or deduction respectively.
  • Additional columns such as pay rate, vacation rate, RP account and EI rate are also included in the report.


3. Export to Excel

  • Below the grid, click Export to Excel to save information as an .xls file.


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