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Create and Review T4/T4As


Step 1: Edit T4 Remittance Balance

Click the Edit T4 Remittance Balance link.

Under Adjusted T4 Remittance Balance, enter the amount to appear in Box 82 on the T4 Summary.

The balance amount to be entered can be found through your online MyBusiness account with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). The PD7, also known as a the Statement of Account for Current Source Deductions letter is no longer mailed out. If you do not have an online account with CRA but have authorized us to represent you with CRA, you can also phone us to confirm your current account balance

Click Save to complete the step.

Note: Links to view PDF drafts of your T4 Summary and T4 Slips can be found under this link (additional links for T4As will also be available if applicable). These can be reviewed at any time in the process.


Step 2: PIER Report

The system will prompt you to run a PIER report, even if you have done one outside of this screen.

Click the PIER Report link. The results will open in a new window. 

Here's a link for more information on How To Read the PIER Report

Note: Links to View Errors/Warnings Report can be found under this link. This report will show you actions that are required to complete your process.

Click Check T4 Data after completing the PIER report. This will refresh the errors and warnings report.


Step 3: Edit Delivery Options

Select the printing and packaging method you would like for your T4/T4As in this section. 

Choose whether you or IBEX will print your T4s for you.

Delivery Method
Select how you would like the T4s to arrive to you or to your employees.

Packaging Options
Based on your delivery method chosen, you can select the packaging method for your year end slips (i.e. individually sealed or loose in one envelope).

Additional Instructions
Option to print company copies of the T4s.
Option to file to CRA on your own. If you select this option, IBEX will not file on your behalf. 

You can communicate additional delivery instructions to your support team through this box. 

Click Save to complete step.


Step 4: Approve

Approving is enabled once the previous steps have been completed.

Clicking Approve changes the tax form run state to Data Finalized, which indicates to The Alpine that it has been reviewed by you and is ready to be transmitted to CRA.


If you cannot access these menu items in the system or would like assistance going through the year end process, please contact the Alpine Crew at 204-478-3707 or

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