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Pay an Employee's Vacation on Every Pay

Add the payroll instruction – Vacation Pay Earned (Paid)

  • Under the employee profile, click on the Payroll Instructions tab.
  • Click Add Payroll Instruction either above or below the grid.
  • From the drop down, select the Vacation Pay Earned (Paid) earning.
    • If this payroll instruction cannot be found from the drop down, it must first be setup at the organization level.

The system default value is 4%, equal to two weeks a year. If this is the correct amount, click Save to complete the setup.

If the employee's vacation rate is different:

  • Click Override Default Properties.
  • Under Default Value enter the correct percentage. e. enter 6 for 6% vacation rate (equal to 3 weeks)
  • Click Save to complete the setup.

If a Payroll Instruction is added to an employee’s profile after the input sheet was created, remove the employee from the input sheet, and add them back on in order to update changes.

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