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Add a Terminated / On-Leave Employee to a Pay Run

You have the input sheet open, but you don’t see a certain employee listed and you are wondering how this person is going to be paid. Employees with a status of "terminated" or "on leave" don't automatically show up on the input sheet, so here is how to add them on.

When the input sheet is open, clicking on “Add Employees” will bring up a small window.


The Employment Status drop-down list will show all Active employees by default. Selecting “—any employee status—“ from the list will bring up all possible employees.


Any employees not currently on the input sheet will show up under the “Available Employees” box on the left. Select the name you wish to add to the input sheet, and click the right arrow key to move them over to the “Employees to add” box on the right. If you have more than one employee to add, repeat the process until all employees have been moved to the “employees to add” box. When you have finished, click the “Add” button on the bottom right of the small window.

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