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Adding a New Employee

To add a new employee into Everest, go to the “Employees” section, and select “Add employee” at the bottom of the screen. The tabs that require information are:

Demographics: Add in the employee’s information. If there are any required fields that have information missing, you will be notified when you click “next”.

Compensation: After entering in an employee code, start date, region and home department, there is an option to copy information from another employee. This is titled "initialize configuration from a model employee". This is optional, and will copy all compensation policies and payroll instructions. If you do not wish to do this, keep the box un-checked.

After saving the information entered, select "Add Compensation Policy" to enter the department, wages and date effective.

Financial: Select if the employee is to be paid by cheque or direct deposit, and enter information as needed.

Tax: Basic tax exemption amounts are applied by default, so if the new employee is claiming basic amounts only, nothing needs to be changed on this screen. However, if there are extra exemptions, additional tax to be deducted, or other instructions such as CPP or EI exempt, it is to be added on this tab.

Payroll Instructions: Anything in addition to regular pay such as vacation pay, benefits or deductions can be added to the employee profile on this page.

screen shot payroll instruction drop down

If an employee is getting their Statement of Earning by email, add their email address under the Contact Points tab, and then set up their email delivery under the Document Delivery tab.

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