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iPaystub: Electronic Statements of Earnings Setup

iPaystubs = Making paper pay slips a thing of the past.

Setting up your employees to receive encrypted copies of their statement of earnings in their email inbox on every payday.

1. Go to the Employee profile


2.   Click on the tab named Contact Points, and then click on the Add Contact Point link.

Under Type, use the drop down menu to select Home Email or Work Email depending on the address you are entering.

Enter a valid email address under Value.

Notes is an optional field you can use for additional comments.

Click Save.

3.   Next, click on the Document Delivery tab.


Click the checkbox beside Deliver electronic statement of earnings. A listing of all available email addresses, along with the assigned, box will appear.

From the "available" box, highlight the email address to be used, and click the arrow pointing right to move the email address to the "assigned" box.

Click Save.

That's it!


Optional: Password change.

When you enable an employee for Electronic Statements of Earnings, a default password will automatically be assigned, which is the last four digits of that employee's Social Insurance Number.

To override the password, stay in the Document Delivery tab. Click . Enter a new password, verify it, and click Save.

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