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Functions - Layout

Use the Layout tab to reorder your columns, as well as hide those that you don't need.

To reorder your columns, move the mouse over the edge of the column you want to move. A grid with dots will appear. Drag the column to it's new location..


If you find there are too many columns listed after running a report, you can remove columns by using the Layout button.

Un-check the boxes next to the column names you don't want displayed, and click "OK".

A few tips:

  • Use Select All or None to choose all or clear all checkmarks.
  • Uncheck those that you want to hide.
  • Hidden columns can be made visible again at any time.
  • Note that you can still create Formula's based off data in a column that is hidden.

Once all Layout adjustments have been made, click OK at the bottom of the list to save.


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