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Saving and Visibility

Saving a new report:

  • To save your customized report,  click Save As.  This button is available above and below the report data.
  • Enter the name of your report in the pop up by Report Name.
  • Enter a Category or Description if applicable.  These fields are not required.
  • Your report is now saved. Next time you go under the Saved Reports tab, your report will appear in the list.

Re-saving an existing report when adjustments have been made:

  • To save your adjusted report under a new name, follow the steps used above but use the Save As option.
  • To override the existing report, use the Save button. 
  • Your report is now saved. Next time you go under the Reports tab of the main menu, your report with the new settings will appear in the Saved Reports section.

Saving a private report :

  • To make a report you have created private - meaning only your user id can view it - check the Private Report box before clicking Save As/Save.
  • When this report appears in your report listing, it will be shaded in gray indicating its private state.

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