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Clearing All Employees With Net Zero Or Negative Pay Off Of Your Payroll Input Sheet

Once your payroll has been been processed (Before you approve it) you can remove all or some employees who have a negative or zero net pay. Please note that prior to removing any zero net pay or negative net pay employees we recommend that the Errors and Warnings report be reviewed on the Results page. 

1. After you have reviewed the Errors and Warnings Report click into your processed input sheet.

2. Click on the tab titled Unpaid Employees. Here you'll see a chart of all employees with a negative or zero net pay.

3. Click the checkbox at the top left of the chart to select all employees then click the button titled Remove Selected Employees. (You may also choose to remove a select number of employees as opposed to all by clicking the checkboxes to the left of their names and then clicking Remove Selected Employees.)

4. After you confirm this action you'll be sent out of the input sheet as it reprocesses. When it is completed you can click into the input sheet and all employees with negative or zero net pay will have been removed. 

Employees With Negative Net Pay

Employees may appear in your Unpaid Employees grid who have a 0 Gross Pay but a negative value under their Net Pay.

These employees have no earnings, but likely have a deduction that is permanently set in their profile. These types of negative pay are typically removed from the pay run. 

Be aware that leaving a negative pay will pull money out of the employee’s bank account. This type of transaction requires the written consent of the employee.


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