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What are the Different Settings of Recurring Shift?

There's a number of settings on the Recurring Shift Editor. Here we'll take you through them.

1. In the top left corner you'll see the Recurrence start date. That's the date of the first shift in the recurrence. This date defaults to the date of the shift you have created.

2. Below the Recurrence Start Date are the frequency settings. You can choose to have the shift repeat on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. To see more information on those settings see the tutorials on Daily, Weekly and Monthly setups.

3. Below the frequency options are the End Date options. You can set the recurring shifts to have no end (Go forever), you can set them to end after a certain number of times or you can set an exact end date after which there will be no more recurring shifts.

4. After selecting your preferred settings click 'Save' to create the recurrence.

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