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How Do I See Whether My Schedule Is Paying Someone Overtime?

Want to know whether you're working certain employees half to death? Well then the Overtime Estimate Report is the perfect thing for you! It will tell, based on the schedule and your organization's specific rules, how much overtime you can be expected to pay out. Here's how you run it. 

1. From the home page, click on the tab that says Schedules.

2. Find the row of the Schedule you wish to run the report on. Press the Edit button on the far right of that row. 

3. Find the drop down button near the top titled Schedule Reports. Click it and then click the option that says Overtime Estimate Report.

4. The report should now load in another tab (Another screen on your internet browser). By default you will see a list of employees who are at overtime hours and those approaching overtime hours (Within 10 hours of overtime payment). You also have the option to see all other employees who do not fit into the other two categories.

You can toggle your views of the report by checking and unchecking the boxes beside the option titles. The list of employees tells one how many hours away from overtime a certain employee is or how many hours of overtime the schedule has allotted for the particular employee depending on whether they have reached overtime yet or not.

5. (Optional) You can export this report to PDF or excel by pressing the respective buttons. The report can then be printed from either of these formats.


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