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What Options Or Settings Are Available For The New Print Out?

The Settings and their functions are as follows:

Create PDF - You use this button when you are happy with the schedule and want to print. It will turn your display on the right into a printable document which you can print. Click here to learn the exact steps.

Print Options - Here you can choose to either print a month of the schedule or a pay period of the schedule. You can use the arrow buttons to choose which month or pay period you'd like to print. 

Weeks per Page - You can select here how many weeks you'd like printed on each page of the print out. 

Page Settings - Here you can choose a variety of style options including font type, font size, page size and whether you want to see shift notes or vertical borders between days.

Schedule Views - Choose what kinds of shifts you'd like to see on the schedule print out

Adding Notes - You can also add notes directly to the schedule print out. Click here to learn how.

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