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How do I Create a Recurring Shift?

This is the full in-depth tutorial on creating a recurring shift. It's pretty long so if you are looking for a smaller piece of info you should know that everything in this article is available in smaller pieces in this section.

But if you want it all in one place then here's your article!

1. Create a shift as you usually would (Double-clicking on an appropriate place in the schedule.

2. In the bottom left of the shift editor window you will see a checkbox titled 'Shift Recurrence'. Click it and a new window will open.

3. Now you are at the Shift Recurrence editor window. From here you can edit the details of your recurring shift.


4. In the top left corner you'll see the Recurrence start date. That's the date of the first shift in the recurrence. This date defaults to the date of the shift you have created. Set the start date you want.

5. Below the Recurrence Start Date are the frequency settings. You can choose to have the shift repeat on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. To see more information on those settings see the bottom of this tutorial.

6. Below the frequency options are the End Date options. You can set the recurring shifts to have no end (Go forever), you can set them to endafter a certain number of times or you can set an exact end date after which there will be no more recurring shifts.


7. After selecting your preferred settings for the above options click 'Save' to create the recurrence.


 Frequency Options:


When setting up a shift to repeat on a daily basis you have two options.

1. You can set the shift up to repeat every day, every third day, every fourth day etc.

2. You can set the shift up to repeat on every weekday- that is - every Monday to Friday.



When you set shifts up to repeat on a weekly basis you can set which days of the week the shift will repeat on and how often the shift will repeat. For example in the picture below the shift will repeat every Tuesday.



When setting a shift to repeat on a monthly basis you have two options.

1. You can have the shift repeat monthly on an exact set date. For example every 27th of the month.

2. You can have the shift repeat on a day: that is A Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. For example you could have the shift repeat on the second Tuesday of every month.

Both options allow you to set how often the shift repeats, that is whether the shift repeats every month, every other month, every third month etc.


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