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How do I copy days from a Schedule?

To Copy several days from a schedule click the button near the top left of the screen titled Copy

A window will appear giving you options to choose how much to copy and where to copy it to. To see a list explaining the advanced options look under the image below. 

Once you have set your details click Copy once.*


Copy Period - The set of days you wish to copy.

Target - Where you want to copy the days to.

Department - Which Department you want to copy these shifts to.

Copy with employee Assignments - Choose whether to keep the same employees working the shifts or if you uncheck this box the shifts will copy forward as vacant.

Copy with Pay Allocations - Choose whether or not to copy the paycodes forward.

Copy Time off - Choose whether or not to copy time off paycodes forward.

Ignore Vacant Shifts - Choose whether or not to copy Vacant Shifts forward.

Minimum time between shift conflicts should - If in copying the shifts forward the system runs into conflicting shifts, here is where you can set how the system should react. Copying without modification will copy the shift anyway whereas Copy as Vacant will simply turn conflicting shifts into vacant shifts. 

Copied Shifts Should - Here you can choose whether you wish to overwrite pre-existing shifts (Replace existing shifts) in the time period you are copying into or whether you simply wish to add these shifts to what's already there. (Merge) 

*Clicking the Copy button more than once will cause the system to copy the shifts multiple times. 

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