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How Can I Change My Schedule View?

There are a number of ways to view your schedule. 

To change the amount of days you see on one screen head to the top right corner of your screen. You will see the options Day, Week, Month and Go to Timeline. Clicking any of the first three options changes how many days are visible on the schedule screen. For instance clicking Month will change to a month view of your schedule. Examples of these views are provided below. 

In the top left corner of the schedule you will see both a tab saying Today and a left, right and down arrow. Clicking the left or right arrow will move the schedule screen forward or back (If you are in Week view it moves by week, if you are in Day view it moves by Day etc.). Also if you need to see an exact day you can click the down arrow which will open a calendar. Find the day you need to see, click it and the screen will automatically change to a view including that day.


Day View: Shows one day of the schedule. Move forwards or backwards in days using the arrows to the left of the Today tab. Select an exact day using the downward arrow to the right of the Today tab like you saw above in the Week View section. To see today's schedule click the Today tab. 


Week View: Shows one week of the schedule. Move forwards or backwards in weeks by clicking the arrow buttons to the left of the Today tab.


Month View: Shows one month of the schedule. Move backwards or forwards in months with the arrows in the top left hand corner or select a month using the drop down calendar by clicking the arrow to the right of the Today tab. You will have to click a day in the calendar but the schedule will jump to whatever month the day you picked is from. 


Clicking Go to Timeline will take you to a view that shows the schedule in terms of the employees working. It can shift between day, week and month view as well. This view is particularly useful when you have lots of employees working. Click here for more about timeline view.


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