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How Do I Schedule Someone For Vacation Hours, Training Or Sleep Hours?

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Find the shift you wish to mark as different. Double click that shift.

The edit shift window will appear. On the right side of the window you will see a section for Paycodes. Click the "+" beside the Add new Record. 

Depending on whether you need to schedule for an employee taking time off or getting a special pay rate while working, check the time off box. For instance Sick or Vacation time uses the time off check box while Training does not. Use the drop down button just below to choose the proper rate. We call these rates pay codes. To learn more about pay codes click here.

For instance in the case below Carrie Kelly has 4 hours of training. So we set the proper rate and allocation (allocation being the length of time) and then we click the tab titled Insert to save that paycode in the shift. 


After clicking Insert the paycode will appear under the chart. From here you can edit or delete the paycode at any time using the icons.

Like any shift edit to finalize the process you must click save on the shift editor once you have inserted the paycode. You'll notice that with certain paycodes like sick or training an icon will appear on the shift itself. 

*You'll notice the option to create a companion vacant shift - this essentially creates a vacant shift at exactly the same time and with the same detail as the shift you are editing. This is particularly useful when you are scheduling vacation or other time off circumstances. 

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