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Why Are The Shifts On My Schedule Grey And Why Can't I Edit Them?

If shifts are greyed out on a schedule it is usually for one of two reasons. Either its because the shift was approved in Time Approval or because the shift is for another department. 

If the shift is greyed out and mentions the individual being scheduled in another department it means the employee is scheduled in a different department*. 

If the greyed out shifts are showing the hours rather than saying the employee is working in a different department then the shift has been approved in Time Approval. 

You can check the Time Approval screen to see that the shifts have in fact been approved. If you need help finding Time Approval click here. If the shifts haven't been loaded into Daily Payyou can unapprove the shifts in Time Approval which will ungrey the shifts and allow you to edit them again in Scheduling

*You can toggle whether or not you see other departments' shifts using the checkbox in the top left corner of the schedule screen. 

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