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Punch Settings for Time Approval

To follow this tutorial you will need Administrator privileges over your organization. For more information please call the Alpine Crew at 204.478.3707 or email us at

To change the Time and Attendance and Clocks settings for your organization click your organization's name in the top left hand corner of the screen.  In the Menu that opens select Organization Details.


Then click the tab that says T&A

From here you can edit a number of different kinds of settings



Match Tolerance

These settings effect how the system matches punches to each other and scheduled shifts. The system will automatically use the times you set for Close Matches to pair punches with a scheduled shift. 

If a shift falls outside of the close match range (Because it is unscheduled or otherwise) then the system, if time spans are activated, will use your maximum shift length time span to 'search' for a corresponding paired shift punch for the out of range shift. 

Shift Reset Time is simply a time after which the system will stop looking for a paired shift. (For instance if you have no overnight shifts there is no point in making the system look over midnight so set this time at midnight.) 

Approved Time Default Behaviour

Here you can set whether you want punch times in Time Approval to show up exactly as when they were punched in or within a certain tolerance have them match the schedules. For instance in many cases it is more ideal to have an 8:01 punch turn into a 8:00 punch for simplicity. 

Exact Matches is the regular setting to use for this purpose. 

Unpaid Breaks

You can automatically add unpaid breaks to shifts of a certain length. These breaks can be edited in Time Approval. 


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