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How Should I Use Time Entry?

Every organization is going to have their own process and yours is no different! That being said we do have some ideas for how to make Time Entry effective for you.


1. Check in after every shift.

You won't need long but it is better to confirm or add shifts while they are fresh in your mind. Make it a part of your end-of-shift routine. This is especially true if you want to leave your team leader notes about the shift.

Time Entry shift confirmation and edits are best done prior to the lockdown period your organization may have set. This helps ensure your manager and payroll have all your hours for processing.


2. Think of it as a way to communicate.

Time Entry is essentially a communication tool. It's a way to communicate if you worked your shift, your hours, and any short notes that might be useful for your supervisor. 




3. Feel free to call us if you need help.

If you have a question about the details of your shift, your team lead/manager will have the answers.

However, if you encounter any technical issues, you can contact them or call us at  204.478.3707 or email us at

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