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  • Filtering helps you remove the rows that you do not need.

  • To create a new Filter, complete the following fields:

    • Filter Column: Select the column you want to filter from the drop down.

    • Comparison: Select one of the operators

    • Value: Enter the value

      • Note that the value entered must exactly match (both spelling and format) the criteria you are looking for - with exception to the use of the Starts with and Contains comparisons.

    • Click Add.

    • The filter values will now be listed below the Add button.

  • To delete, click Remove to the right of the added filter.

  • To replace an existing filter, enter the new Filter Column, Comparison and Value but do not< click Add. Instead click the Replace button by the filter you wish to get swap out.

  • Multiple Filters: When using multiple filters, note the following additional actions that can be done:

    • Use the up and down orange arrows to the right of the added filters to manage the sequence. Filters that are higher in the listing will be considered first.

    • Between added filters, you can click the word And to change it to Or, and vice versa. This will change the relationship between the two filters.

      • Using And between filters will return data that fulfills both criteria.

      • Using Or between filters will return data that fulfills at least one of the criteria entered.

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