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Date Selector

  • See only the data from a specific year or date range.

  • Select Year:

    • Use the drop down menu to select the year required.

    • Click Submit.

  • If the year you are looking for is not in the menu, but data should be available, please contact the Alpine Crew for assistance - (204)478-3707 or toll free at (800)335-0039.

  • Select Date Range:

    • Enter the Start Date required.

    • Enter the End Date required.

    • Note that the date format is DD/MM/YYYY - or use the the calendar icon to select dates.

    • Click Submit.

  • Date Range specified in a particular report upon creation can be changed after saving.

  • Reports that only contain information on employee/organization settings do not have a Date Selector function. In this case, what is reported is based on the current values stored in the system.

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