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How to setup report pre-filters

Report pre-filters reduce the amount of information requested prior to creating a report so you can get the information you need faster!

The following reports also require a pre-filter choice of either an accrual policy or payroll instruction prior to being run.

  • Employee Accruals by Pay Run
  • Employee Accruals Journal
  • Pay Runs

Pre-filter Steps

1. Choose the type of filter, for example Accrual Policy

2. Select the items to included by highlighting and moving to the left with the arrows; then select Save.

3. Submit the report



More details

  • A different set of pre-filters will populate depending on the type of base report you are running.

  •  The pre-filters include:

    • Range Filter- click the radio box by the criteria of your choice

      • When using  Pay Run, select the specific pay run number from the drop down list.

      • When using Date Range, enter the Start Date and End Date where data will be returned from. (You can also click the calendar icon to use the date picker.)

    • Employee - specify either a specific employee(s) or everyone in the company

    • Department - use the selection tool to choose one or more departments.

    • Accrual Policy - use the selection tool to choose one or more accrual policies.  Note the results may also be affected by choosing a Payroll Instruction, and vice-versa.

    • Payroll Instruction - use the selection tool to choose one or more payroll instruction.

    • Employment Status -  by default all employees will be included; use this tool to choose only active, or terminated employees for example.

  • After choosing submit with your pre-filter choices, if you save the report after running it the pre-filters will also be saved. 

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