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Federal TD1 Claim Report

This report will not tell you whether an employee has claimed a specific credit but it will give you a list of employees who have made any claims above the basic amount on their TD1s helping you to narrow the field of affected employees.

Head to the Reports page and then click to Custom Reports. From there choose the Employee Details Report. Set the Employees tab to All. A report screen should load.

From there add filters for the Federal TD1 amount and the Provincial TD1 amount. The amount of the basic claim changes each year, so you will need to look up the basic amount for the year you are interested in.  These rates can be found on the CRA site or by contacting Alpine Crew.

Filter these fields for any amounts above the basic to see those with additional claims.  Filter for anyone below the basic for those who are not claiming the basic amount.

Once you have added these two filters your report is ready.  

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