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Payroll Reports

Payroll reports are the most commonly used report set. These reports give you information related to the employee's pay history, accrual balances and remittances. 

Note that depending on your user permissions, you may not see all the reports included in this list.

CRA Remittances - Shows amounts remitted to CRA, including a breakdown of CPP, EI and Taxes.

Disbursments - what is being paid out as well as details of the method of payment (Cheque or direct deposit info).

Employee Accruals Balance - The current balance for all accruals. This report is always for a selected year. It does not have a date range option.

Employee Accruals by Pay Run - This report provides a per pay run breakdown for any or all accruals.  It can be used with a date range.

Employee Accruals Journal - All changes to employees accruals are shown in this report whether they were done on a pay run or through a manual adjustment. This is the best report when an audit trail is required for who and what changed for a particular accrual.

Employee Vacation Accruals Balance - Everything related to vacation including the available balance and how much has been used. This report takes an effective date so you can get a snapshot of vacation information for any selected date.

Gross Taxable Earnings and Benefits - HET - This report is intended to provide the Gross Taxable Earnings and Benefits for the purposes of the Health and Education tax levy.  However, the values can be used for anything that requires the total Gross Earnings and Benefits by department and province.

Invoice Details - Provides a summary of everything you paid in the date range selected.

Ontario Statutory Pay - Shows a breakdown of earnings to assist in calculating stat pay.

Pay Runs - Everything that was included on the selected pay run.  This report does not show adjustments done outside of a pay run.

T4 Mapping - An essential year end report.  Use this to see what earnings are mapped where on your T4s. By default all taxable earnings are mapped to box 14 but there are many other box mappings like pension or automobile benefits that need to be manually configured.  

Workers Compensation Board Assessment - See the assessable earnings and hours for each employees for workers compensation reporting.


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