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Employee Reports

This article is more of a resource detailing all of the possible employee reports you can run with a brief description of what information they provide and sometimes with examples linked. 

Employee reports are those reports that contain personal information and settings for the employees within the organization. (These reports do not include any data from payrolls run.)

Employee Details

      Report on the basic settings for your employees - status, Social Insurance Number, birth date, home department, province of work and tax settings.

Example: Active Employees by Department


Employee History

      Track changes that have been made to your employee's status and compensation policies.

Example: Employee Pay Rate History


Employee Record of Employment History

      Report on all Records of Employment forms that have been created. Also includes status changes made to employees.


Employee Tax and Compensation

      View your employee's demographics, department assignments and current tax and compensation rate settings.

Example: Employee Tax Settings


Employee Financial

      View the financial accounts used for your employee's payment.


Employee Contact Points

      Report on the employee's various contact points such as home phone, cell phone and email.


Daily Approval

      For customers using Daily Approval - our daily hours verification system.

      Report on scheduled and actual worked hours falling under the various pay codes set.

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