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Using Filters in Daily Approval

By changing the filters in Daily Approval, you can set the focus on which shifts are displayed, making finding and editing shifts quicker and easier.

  1. Click Filters on the left panel
  2. Click on the title of the filter you want to set, for
    example Employee.
  3. Click the items you want to include.

The shift records on the right will automatically update based on the filters chosen.


Types of Filters

  • Employee - Use to show only selected
  • Department - Use to show only select
  • Paycode – use to show only certain hours,
    for example overtime.
  • Match Status – options include:
    Matches Schedule, Needs Review,
    Manual Entry
  • Status – options include:
    Approved, Unapproved, or Deleted
  • Date Range - Use to show only selected
    days. Days available to filter are only those
    in the scheduled pay period. The Date
    Range filter is by default set to the first day
    of the pay period.
  • Lock Status – options include:
    Locked, Unlocked (no filter will show bothDaily 

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