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New IBEX Customer CheckList

New IBEX Customer Check List 

Customer Name:  __________________________________________________________  

Set Up By: ________________________________________________________________                  

  • All contracts have been received from Sales/customer.
  • Payroll Services Agreement
  • Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Authorization
  • Application for Credit
  • Payroll Remittance Threshold
  • Business Consent Form
  • ROE Direct Filing Addendum
  • New Customer information form


  • CRA represent a client on-line request processed. Date ___________________________
  • Threshold type confirmed and verified. Alpine Crew Member signature______________
  • Verify that Provincial Payroll Tax calculations are required YES/NO.
  • Set up EHT and WCB PI’s
  • Reconcile IBEX YTD with previous payroll YTD.
  • Team member verified YTD Balanced. Alpine Crew Member signature______________
  • Enter customer and main payroll contact into Salesforce.
  • Generate Pay Schedule in Salesforce.
  • Enter Set Up Charges in Salesforce.
  • Ensure Payroll Funding is set up correctly. Alpine Crew Member signature__________
  • Contact customer with Alpine Crew introduction and close contact case in Salesforce
  • Ensure T4 mapping is done correctly.
  • Create a client folder in G Drive and save a digital copy of the Service agreement.
  • Inform Alpine in a crewdle of the new customer.



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