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What is My Schedule?

 As an employee, My Schedule is where the details of your upcoming shifts are posted by your administrator. This screen is desktop and mobile friendly, and will display your schedule in calendar format complete with the following shift details:

  • Department
  • Start and End time
  • Total shift duration in hours and minutes
  • Icons for pay code assignments
  • Any notes for that shift.

Shifts are colour-coded according to the assigned position, and hovering over a shift will display further details. The current date will have light blue highlighting around it. If there are shifts scheduled for more than one department on the same day, they will all show in the list for that day, in the order of start time.

You can set your My Schedule view by Week, Pay Period, or Month. You can also use the drop down to see a specific department or all departments that you work in. 

Each My Schedule view will display the total hours for that view on the top left corner. When viewing your schedule via mobile, the total hours are displayed at the end of the timeline. In addition, the month view will show the total hours for each week.

You can also view the shift details of other employees who are scheduled in the same departments as you. Tick the Show Other Employees to enable this view. When enabled, other employees' shifts will be displayed below your own shifts in alphabetical order. (Please note that this view functionality is only available if the setting has been enabled by your administrator.)

The Today button will return you to the current date. The Print button on the top right corner allows for printing of the schedule (this functionality is not available on mobile.)


Desktop View


Mobile View


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