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Creating an ROE: 2. Reason and Issuer Info

The is part two of the tutorial on how to create and process Records of Employment. For part one see here. This section deals with the part of the form which includes the Expected Recall information. 

1. Use the drop down menu to select whether the employee is not returningunknown, or if you expect the employee to return: Date of Recall. If the employee is expected to return then a recall date must be entered in the box to the right.  



2. Reason for Issuing This ROE is a required field. Use the drop down menu to select the reason for the ROE. If the reason is Other a comment must be entered.

Note: For reasons other than Other a comment should not be entered except in extreme cases. Comments pull the ROE out of the automated processing system and require review by a Service Canada representative.  This will slow down the processing of your employee's ROE.



3. The Issuer information will be filled in according to the listed primary contact under the organization settings. It can be edited or changed here if required. 


This concludes part two of the tutorial. Part three is Non-Regular Payments and Benefits Section.


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