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Creating an ROE: 4. Insured Earnings and Finalizing

This is the fourth and last tutorial on creating and issuing Records of Employment. This tutorial covers the insured earnings & hours table (Blocks 10, 11 & 15A-C) and how to finalize an ROE. 


1.The First Day Worked and Last Day for which Paid dates will automatically populate from the dates entered when you set the employee's status in the Compensation tab. All posted and approved pay data for the employee that falls within First Day Worked and the Last Day for which Paid will automatically populate in the table. The number of pay periods added to the grid will depend on the company's payroll frequency and the guidelines set by Service Canada.



2. Click Print to see a PDF of the ROE. Click Save to save a draft of the ROE. Click Finalize to approve the ROE for Service Canada submission. 


 This concludes the tutorials on creating an ROE from start to finish. If you've made it through all four good for you you clearly  are the hardiest of mountain goats in your quest for knowledge! 

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