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Managing ROE: Searching and Editing

Sometimes you may save a draft of an ROE and will need to return and edit it again. This tutorial covers how to search for an ROE, whether it be a draft or final copy, using the filters available, and how to edit the ROE once it is found if necessary. 


1. There are two filtering methods that can be used, Record of Employment and Employee. Record of Employment consists of 2 criteria: ROE Status (defaults to show those in Draft or are Queued for Finalization) and Date Issued. Change options by clicking Change or remove filters to show all ROEs by clicking Clear.

Note that when changing the filter, a pop up will appear. Move the ROE statuses between the Available and Assigned boxes using the left and right arrows. The dates can be changed by using the calendar or entering the desired dates using a DD/MM/YYYY format. 





2.Employee filter method consists of 3 criteria: Employment Status, Statuses, and First Name. All of these criteria can be adjusted by clicking Change. Each criteria can be used on it's own or in combination. When you are done making changes click Save.

Note that when changing the filter, a pop up will appear. Move the employee statuses between the Available and the Assigned boxes using the left and right arrows. If you want to apply a name filter, type in the employee's name or a portion of it.



3. Note that the ROE listings show multiple criteria columns. Click any column header to order the ROEs in ascending or descending order by that criteria. 



4. When you have found the ROE that you are looking for find the farthest right column and press Edit to enter into editing mode.


 See the Creating ROEs 1 through 4 to see specifics on how to create and edit ROEs

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