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Managing Time Off Requests

Time Off Request is a free tool that lives right in your Schedules. Time Off Requests is an efficient and paperless way for employees to request time off and managers to view, approve and or adjust requests. Notifications, accrual balances, and request history are also available. 

In order for your organization to use Time Off Request features it must be enabled and the employee and supervisor must have the appropriate security roles and department access.  Contact the Alpine Crew if you require access.



Reviewing Requests

Reviewing an Employee's Time Off History and Balances

Time Off Shifts and Matching Vacant Shifts Displayed In Scheduling



Reviewing Requests

To review time off requests submitted by your team members, from the Home page

1. On the Home page, select Review Time Off Requests on the left side panel.


2. Select View Details for the request to be reviewed.  (Note if your organization bids for vacation by seniority you can sort list)


If a large number records are shown you can filter by any column to reduce the length of the list.




3. Review the request and confirm if there is time available in their accrual. You can then set the Request Status to Approved, Denied, or set to Pending Shift Cover if you need to look for coverage first.

Note: When selecting Pending Shift Cover, the following text will be inserted into the Reviewer Notes section automatically - "Reviewing coverage. You will be notified if your request is approved." 

Add any additional notes and then click Send Response.

Note that a request can not be approved if shifts within the request have already been modified in Daily Approval or Time Entry. Changes to these shifts must be made in Daily Approval. The request record can still be denied. 




Reviewing and Employee's Time Off History and Balances

To get more detail on an employee's future or past requests, access the employee's profile page

  1. Choose the Time Off tab
  2. Select the accrual type to review
  3. Set the period if necessary and choose Find





Time Off Shifts and Matching Vacant Shifts Displayed In Scheduling

Time Off Request Shifts

Once approved, time off shifts are inserted automatically into the schedule and are hatched in pink and will appear with an icon when viewing the shifts in active department.




Vacant Shifts 

If a vacant shift is created via Time Off Request, a note of who the shift is covering for will be visible when you hover on the shift. When you edit this vacant shift, a banner will also be present with this same notification. 



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