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How do I remove an Employee from a pay run?

There are various reason you may want to remove an employee from your input sheet. If an employee is no longer working for you and should not appear on any future input sheets then the best solution is to change their employment status

However, if the employee(s) are still actively employed with your organization but doesn't have any payments on the current pay run, then there are two options for removing them from the current pay run.

  1. Use the Remove Employee option in the employee drop down menu on the input sheet.  This option is only available before the input sheet is submitted. This will remove the employee from the current input sheet. It does not change anything in their employee profile and they will appear on the next input sheet as normal.
  2. Use the Remove Unpaid Employees option.  This option is only available after the input sheet has been submitted but before it has been approved.  This option is best when removing large numbers of unpaid employees as you can remove all unpaid employees at the same time rather than one-by-one, like the above option. To use this option, open the input sheet when it is in the Processed state.  Select the option Unpaid Employees

    On the Unpaid Employees tab you will see a list of all employees whose net pay is 0.  You will also see if they have any gross pay. Select the employees you want to remove from the pay run and click the Remove Selected Employees button.


    All employees selected will be removed from the current pay run. It will not change anything in the employee profiles and they will appear on the next input sheet as normal.

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