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Close the Year

In order to begin the T4 process and to run your first payroll of the new year, the current year must first be closed. Before closing the year for your organization, please take note of the following items:

  • Make sure all pay runs (regular and Ad-Hocs) for the current year have been Posted
  • If you have anything else that needs to be paid in the current tax year - do not close your year.  A year cannot be reopened once closed.
  • It is recommended that a PIER has been run to review any possible CPP or EI deficiencies
  • Creation of schedules is not affected the closing of the payroll year. Schedules for the new may be created well before the year is closed.

What else does closing the year do?

  • Resets all your annual earnings, benefits, deductions to 0.
  • Most accruals will be untouched unless you have a configuration set to reset at annual year end. 
  • Applies the latest tax, CPP, EI rates to your employees.
    Note: If your employee has additional tax deduction settings, these will continue to be applied.
    If your employee has additional claims for their tax settings, please have them complete a new TD1 form so that their calculations will be up to date.

Closing the Year

  1. Click Payroll in the main menu
  2. Under the Year End section, click Year End Closing. You must have admin permissions to see this link. If you cannot see this link, please contact our support team for assistance.
  3. If your year is eligible to be closed, the Close Year button will appear.
  4. Click Close Year.


  1. Note: Depending on the size of the organization this process can be quite fast or take several minutes to complete.  You can check the progress of the year end closing by using your browser refresh option to see if the current year has changed.  

If your year is not eligible to be closed, warnings will appear along with how to resolve them.




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If you cannot access these menu items in the system or would like assistance going through the year end process, please contact the Alpine Crew at 204-478-3707 or

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