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Close the Year

a) Make sure all pay runs (regular and Ad-Hocs) for the current year have been completed (Posted status)

If you have anything else that needs to be paid in the current tax year - do not close your year.  A year cannot be reopened once closed.

It is recommended that a PIER has been run to review any possible CPP or EI deficiencies

If you try to close your year before all payruns have been posted you will get an error message and the Close Year button will not be enabled. To get more information on any of the errors, hover your mouse over the blue question marks.



b) Close the current year:

Note: No additional pay runs for the current year can be done after the year is closed. Any adjustments required will have to be done through T4 data export.

  1. Payroll > Year End section > Year End Closing
  2. If there are no issues preventing the system from closing the year then the Close Year button will be enabled.  Select Close Year to start the close year process.

  3. Select OK on the confirmation dialog.

  4. A message will appear to confirm that the year is closing. 

  5. Depending on the size of the organization this process can be quite fast or take several minutes to complete.  You can check the progress of the year end closing by using your browser refresh option to see if the current year has changed.  


Closing the year will create drafts of your T4/T4A Summary and employee slips.


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If you cannot access these menu items in the system or would like assistance going through the year end process, please contact the Alpine Crew at 204-478-3707 or

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