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How to Process a Pay Run

1.   After logging in, click on the “Payroll” link in the top left corner.

2.   Click on "Process Payroll / Review Payroll History"



3.   This will bring you to a page where you can create the next pay run and will show all previous pay runs. Click on “Create Next Regular Payroll”.

*Only use “Create Ad-hoc Payroll” if you want to do an unscheduled pay run. You will be able to enter in the desired pay date, and it will be marked with a letter next to the pay run number (for example 8A).

There will be a progress bar that indicates how long it will take to create your input sheet. Payroll_progress_bar.png

Once it is done there will be a row at the top of the list for your next pay run with a status of “In Progress”. Then click on the “Input Sheet” link on the far right:



4.   The input sheet will automatically generate with salary pay information, hourly pay rates, and other defaults as set up. Enter in any information as required:



5.   Click “Save” to save the information you have entered and come back to the input sheet at a later time.


6.   Click “Calculate” after all information has been entered, and you are ready to process your pay run.



7A.   After clicking “Calculate”, you will be brought back to the “Process Payroll / Review Payroll History” page with a new status bar that will indicate when the reports have been processed. Click on the new link on the far right named “Results”. A list of reports will have generated which you can review including Statements of Earnings, and the Invoice Report which will give you a breakdown of the payroll fees and remittance total.


Errors and Warnings: Any employees with no pay, negative pay, missing banking information, etc. will be listed under the errors and warnings report. Review the report and make adjustments as needed.

7B.   If there are any changes to be made, you can return to the Input Sheet and make changes by clicking “Modify Input”. Once your changes have been made, then click “Calculate” to re-generate the reports and review. To review, you will need to repeat the step above by going to the Results tab.


8.   Once you are finished reviewing, click on “Approve” to complete the payroll.


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